5 Things I’d Like To See in Rick and Morty Season 4

Rick and Morty’s third season was well worth the wait, filled with more than one episode that could qualify as best of the series (like the Galactic Federation of Rick and Mortys episode). Season three ended off with the family kind of back to normalcy, Jerry’s back, and each member now feels a little less dependent on Rick, and it seems like everything’s back to “the way it was” for now… Season is over the wait for season four begins and who knows how long that wait will be, even Mr. Poopybutthole said it could be a while. After going back and watching some old episodes, there are some things/characters I’d love to see in season four. Check out the 5 Things I’d Like To See in Rick and Morty Season 4…

1. Meeseeks – Mr. Meeseeks was a hilariously weird character that lead to some dark places. It would be great to see him return in any way.


2. Zeep Xanflorp – Rick’s micro/teeny/tiny-verse nemesis voiced by Stephen Colbert. He was almost Rick’s equal, almost… and we know they didn’t quite leave off on good terms.


3. A Gear War/Revolio Clockberg Jr Origin Story – The thing about the Gear Wars is it was never even about the gears…I’d like to find out what it was about.


4. Jaguar! – The public needs to see some more Jaguar! Maybe Rick gets captured and Jaguar and Morty and or Summer team up…


5. Evil Morty – The return of Evil Morty was a shocking conclusion to an already amazingly dark and hilarious not to mention brilliant episode (Galactic Federation of Rick and Morty’s ep AKA when Rick and Morty go to Atlantis). Once Rick and Morty face of against evil Morty, it will no doubt be epic with dire consequences. Maybe they’ll save that for season five…


Bonus – Would love to see another Inter-dimensional Cable episode, or at least a Ball Fondlers spinoff.

That’s what I’d like to see in season four of Rick and Morty, let us know who you want to return/what you want to happen in season four, and thanks for reading…

Photo Credits: Snagged from inverse.com , geektyrant.com , ew.com , pinterest.com , reddit.com , inverse.com

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