Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions: Justice League

A new Justice League trailer recently came out, and like many of the others its pretty fuggin awesome, check out the new trailer below…

There’s a lot riding on this Justice League movie, fans expect something great especially after so many jaw dropping trailers. BvS was highly controversial and divided may fans. Suicide squad is a bag of dicks. And Wonder Woman, which was a surprisingly awesome hit, is basically carrying the torch for the DC Universe (don’t think I forgot about you Man of Steel, you rock, don’t let anybody tell you different). Now that there’s been a handful of trailers we can get a somewhat clear picture of what the Justice League is going to be about, but there are still many questions/mysteries regarding the upcoming DC Universe film. Anyways here are my Unsubstantiated & Uninformed Predictions for Justice League…

1. Green lantern will obviously appear (if you saw that other trailer, you know which one) and I’m betting it will be John Stewart after Hal was tainted with the god awful green lantern movie (through no fault of Ryan Reynolds who is awesome as heck)

2. Superman will be resurrected but will be evil

3. We will see Lex in prison/escaping prison

4. Alfred and Martha will totally have a sex scene

5. Batman and Wonder Woman will totally makeout

6. Flash and his dad will have a “Midnight Express prison visitation” scene

7. We will never see the awesome physique JK Simmons worked so hard to achieve for his role as jim Gordon

8. Batman’s gonna wreck 19 dudes and 53 alien bug things

9. There will be hints towards the Flash’s time travel quest (the one we clearly see him on during BvS)

10. Wonder Woman will longingly gaze at that black and white picture of Chris Pine at least once

11. Lois Lane will have weird Clark Kent dreams and have his gravesite dug up only to discover his body isn’t there?!?

12. There will be a brief Joker/Harley Quinn appearance/reference

13. Cyborg will have one of his cybernetic limbs ripped off

14. We’ll get a brief glimpse of Bruce Wayne popping pills and bedding wenches just like we did in BvS

15. Wonder Woman and/or Aquaman will deliver the final blow to Steppenwolf (who is obviously the bad guy)

16. Aquaman will lead his Dothraki army across the narrow sea to conquer the iron throne

17. The Suicide Squad will curiously/coincidentally be nowhere in sight when this world ending situation takes place…

18. The Flash will catch/save Batman

19. Cyborg will catch/save Batman

20. We will finally “see” Wonder Woman’s invisible jet

21. The Flash will have a scene where he thwarts an alley mugging or carjacking, before he “teams up” with batman

22. We will not see Aquaman talk to any fish

Those are my predictions for Justice League, a movie I’m more than excited to see, I’m hoping when it comes out in November it crushes my expectations. Tell us your predictions/expectations for Justice League and thanks for reading…

Photo Credit: Snagged from justiceleaguethemovie.com

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