Mr. Robot Season 3 Premiere Opinion

Mr. Robot is at an extreme fork in the road. It’s either making a left and taking us on a ride with no harness, or its making that right turn merging into a huge traffic pile of shit.. Let me start by saying the Season premeire lived up to the hype in every aspect. The […]

Movie Review: Garden State

I recently found Garden State in the dollar DVD bin at a record store and gave it a watch due to its cult following. The movie’s debut was in 2004 and featured Zack Braff (writer and director) and Natalie Portmans’ struggle with internal issues and family problems. It’s storyline is pretty cheesy, and Natalie Portman’s […]

Top 5 Replacements for Donald Trump on SNL

Donald Trump claims he doesn’t approve of Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him on SNL. But who can replace Alec Baldwin as “The Donald”? Alec Baldwin? Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock? Baldwin is a legend whose career hasn’t slowed down one bit. If someone else were to play “The Donald” they’d have to fill some pretty […]