Goliath Season 1 Review

(Spoiler Free) For many people, Stranger Things was the perfect series. It wasn’t too long with only eight episodes, it was tight, mysterious, and at times jaw dropping, and the first season wrapped up almost perfectly, calling into question whether there should even be a second season. In many ways this is exactly why I […]

Doctor Strange Review

(Spoiler Free) After seeing Doctor Strange in IMAX 3D I’m happy to inform everyone that I have both good news and great news. The good news is Doctor Strange is arguably one of the top three films in the MCU. The great news is if you love bath salts but hate waking up in aquariums/zoos […]

The Nightmare – Review

(some spoilers) If you’re into documentaries but you’re still looking for a solid Halloween movie go to your local Netflix and rent The Nightmare. The Nightmare (2015) was directed by Rodney Ascher, who happens to be the director of Room 237, a documentary about obsessive people obsessing over theories surrounding the movie The Shining directed […]

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Review

(semi-spoiler free) This weekend Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hit theaters like Tom Cruise hitting the treadmill. It’s been four years since the last (and first) Jack Reacher film came out and like many of you I was surprised we’d even be getting a Jack Reacher sequel, but I’m glad we did. Tom Cruise plays […]

Westworld Ep 1 Review

(Spoiler Free) Wow. Who saw HBO’s Westworld on Sunday? Did you see Westworld? I saw Westworld and let me tell you something… Holy shit can Ed Harris party… too soon? Probably too soon. Check out one of the trailers below… Anyways on Sunday HBO premiered what is bound to be their latest amazing show and […]

Narcos (spoiler free) Season 2 Review

Tata, mi amor… Narcos Season 2 gets… 5/5 Stars Did you love Narcos season 2? Are you wondering what season 3 is going to be like? Are you wondering if this three word  review is too short to qualify as a review? Watch Narcos and leave a comment and thanks for reading. Photo Credit: Snagged […]

The Tick Pilot Review

(Minor spoilers) As Whoopi puts it… “People be cray cray” and that statement holds true in a world where superheroes & villains have roamed around for decades. Now I never really watched the old The Tick show so I wasn’t really sure on what I’d be getting into. I knew the old one was kind […]

Red Oaks Season 1 Review

(Spoiler Free) Red Oaks is comedy series about a college kid who works as a tennis instructor during the summer in 1980’s New Jersey. It’s got a Caddyshack vibe only with less gophers, and a little less slapstick. It truly does the 80’s well, its got big hair, loud music, and plenty of drugs. It hilarious […]

Marco Polo Season 2 Review

(Semi-Spoiler Free) Marco Polo, no longer will he be known only for his below average aquatic activities. A few weeks ago the second season of Marco Polo (Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones, in my opinion) was released onto our laptops and Roku’s like thousands of flame engulfed swallows… And it kicked ass… Many have […]