Qyburn, The Luckiest Dude in Westeros

I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, chances are if you’re reading this you’re also a fan. Tragically the new season probably isn’t coming out until summer of 2017. On top of the extended wait the last two seasons are supposed to be even shorter than usual maybe only 7 or 8 episodes, which seems […]

Jon Benjamin Has a Van… Or does he?

You probably know H. Jon Benjamin (or his voice) from shows like Bob’s Burgers or Archer, both of which are hilarious Emmy winning animated shows. But the actual human H. Jon Benjamin had a show a few years back on Comedy Central called Jon Benjamin Has a Van. It was hilarious, often surreal, and frequently […]

The Man In The High Castle

The Man in The High Castle is a superb Emmy winning science fiction drama series available to Amazon Prime subscribers (one of the many superb shows on Amazon). The second season it set to release December 19th of this year so its not too far away. Just recently some of the cast and show runners […]

Shows To Fill Your Thrones Hole

There are many Game of Thrones fans who weep for the extended waiting period that we’ll all have to endure for the next season of Thrones, which will come out in April or perhaps even later in 2017 instead of the usual March release Thrones has. Fans of the books weep even harder than Oberyn’s […]

Westworld Ep 1 Review

(Spoiler Free) Wow. Who saw HBO’s Westworld on Sunday? Did you see Westworld? I saw Westworld and let me tell you something… Holy shit can Ed Harris party… too soon? Probably too soon. Check out one of the trailers below… Anyways on Sunday HBO premiered what is bound to be their latest amazing show and […]

Emmys 2016 Thoughts

I didn’t watch the Emmys. Not that I wouldn’t, just didn’t get to. Googled the results like many of you and obviously this is a kind of late to the party so I’m assuming everyone knows the results, I just wanted to say a few words. First of all congrats to Rami Malek. I love […]

Narcos (spoiler free) Season 2 Review

Tata, mi amor… Narcos Season 2 gets… 5/5 Stars Did you love Narcos season 2? Are you wondering what season 3 is going to be like? Are you wondering if this three word  review is too short to qualify as a review? Watch Narcos and leave a comment and thanks for reading. Photo Credit: Snagged […]

Top 8 South Park Episodes

(probably some spoilers) I’ve been watching South Park for years, I’ve been watching South Park ever since I was too young to be watching South Park. Probably like a lot of people. I love South Park and like many people I’m excited and decently shocked that tomorrow the 20th season of South Park premieres. 20 […]

The Tick Pilot Review

(Minor spoilers) As Whoopi puts it… “People be cray cray” and that statement holds true in a world where superheroes & villains have roamed around for decades. Now I never really watched the old The Tick show so I wasn’t really sure on what I’d be getting into. I knew the old one was kind […]