Red Oaks Season 1 Review

(Spoiler Free) Red Oaks is comedy series about a college kid who works as a tennis instructor during the summer in 1980’s New Jersey. It’s got a Caddyshack vibe only with less gophers, and a little less slapstick. It truly does the 80’s well, its got big hair, loud music, and plenty of drugs. It hilarious […]

Marco Polo Season 2 Review

(Semi-Spoiler Free) Marco Polo, no longer will he be known only for his below average aquatic activities. A few weeks ago the second season of Marco Polo (Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones, in my opinion) was released onto our laptops and Roku’s like thousands of flame engulfed swallows… And it kicked ass… Many have […]

Louie/Pootie Tang Pitch

Like many folks out there I am a fan of Louis CK and his show Louie. Like slightly less folks I am also a fan of the movie Pootie Tang, a movie CK directed, and a movie that myself and a small portion of my friends believe is one of the funniest movies of all […]

TV Review: Preacher Series Premiere

I never had to chance to dive into the Preacher comics, I hear good things. So even if Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg weren’t involved I’d be interested. But the fact that they are producing the show along with Sam Caitlin, makes me extra eager to see what the deal is with this show. From what […]

TV Review: Lady Dynamite Pilot

Some people may not know who Maria Bamford is yet. Some people only know her as that lady who does the voices. Fans of  Maria Bamford know that she’s an usually loopy yet absurdly funny comedian, and I think most of her fans will agree with me when I say it’s awesome to see her come out […]

TV Review: Sneaky Pete Pilot

Last year Amazon released the pilot for Sneaky Pete, which you can stream right now with Prime, and quite honestly it snuck past me until recently. Executive produced by Bryan Cranston, AKA that guy in his underwear, and starring Giovanni Ribisi. Sneaky Pete tells the story of a con man, recently released from prison and on […]